An article evaluating current experience with Oncotype DX test was published on the Zdravotnický Deník web pages

On 8th August sever Zdravotnický Deník published an article about the use of Oncotype DX test in clinical practice during the year 2014.

 “More than thirty patients avoided chemotherapy or other treatment last year thanks to Oncotype DX test. In case of some women with breast cancer their disease has a low risk of cancer recurrence after surgery - but till the last year Czech doctors didn’t had a chance (unless the woman decided to pay for the test from their own resources), to identify them. So most of the women had to undergo the unpleasant treatment that reduces the risk of disease recurrence. During the first year, when the test had been reimbursed by the largest Czech health insurance company, more than half of the women who had the test done didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy.”

You can read the whole article using the link below: