OncotypeDX® test is on the market for 10 years!

Multigene test OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay was developed more than ten years ago by american company Genomic Health® , Inc, with the aim to personalize the approach when choosing the treatment regimen for patients with breast cancer. Over the last ten years Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Assay has been extensively assessed in 14 studies with over 6000 invasive breast cancer patients. Based on the consistent results of these trials it has become the worldwide standard when choosing the right treatment for a certain type of breast cancer after surgery.

To date, the OncotypeDX® has been ordered by more than 10,000 doctors in over 70 countries for nearly half a million women. Also physicians in the Czech Republic has rich experiences with OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay. There was an article released in professional journal Medical Tribune, the topic was: First Czech experiences with the OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay - an important step towards the rationalization of adjuvant therapy for breast cancer. You can read the article here .

The OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay is the only multigene test that is included in all major clinical guidelines (St Gallen, ESMO®, ASCO®, NCCN® and NICE) and this year the OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay was for the first time also included in the new version of Modra Kniha guidelines on Czech Society for Oncology web pages within the chapter about Adjuvant Hormonal Therapy and about Adjuvant Chemotherapy.

Genomic Health® clinical laboratory in Redwood City (California, USA) has been certified by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) and thanks to the fact, that all the tests are performed in the central laboratory the highest quality standard of testing as well as the reproducibility of the results can be assured. The OncotypeDX® collection kit also has CE marking.

Since 2004, when the OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay was launched for invasive breast cancer, Genomic Health® has developed also other tests – the OncotypeDX® Breast Cancer Assay for noninvasive breast cancer (DCIS), the OncotypeDX® Colon Cancer Assay for patients with colon cancer (stage II and IIIA/B) and a OncotypeDX® Prostate Cancer Assay for patients with prostate cancer.