First experience with Oncotype DX test in patients with breast cancer

Hormonal dependent breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease from a molecular and clinical perspective. The relapse risk of early breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant hormonal therapy varies. Validated predictive markers concerning adjuvant cytotoxic treatment are still lacking in ER+/HER2- breast cancer, which has a good prognosis in general. This can lead to the inefficient chemotherapy indication. Molecular classification of breast cancer reports evidence about the heterogeneity of hormonal dependent breast cancer and its stratification to different groups with different characteristics. Oncotype DX is a multigene assay with a prognostic and predictive impact. On behalf of evidence with more than 5000 patients the test obtain clinical practice. For indicated group of patients is the test available in oncology centres from January 2014 in the Czech Republic. First experiences with this examination are very good. There were examined more than 20 breast cancer patients in oncology clinic in General University Hospital and First Faculty of Medicine Charles University in Prague.

You can read the whole article in the latest issue of medical journal Onkologie, Solen.